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Have your say on the future of kerbside garden waste collections in North Northamptonshire
Local residents are being asked for their views on the harmonisation on kerbside garden waste
collections in North Northamptonshire. At our Executive meeting last month, a proposal was
approved to go out to consultation on providing a consistent kerbside garden waste collection
service across the area.
Following local government reorganisation last year, the new unitary Council inherited the different
approaches to the kerbside garden waste collections from the previous local authorities. In Corby
and Kettering, the service is currently provided all year at no extra charge, whilst in Wellingborough,
it operates between March and November with no additional cost for users of the service. In East
Northamptonshire, the year-round scheme has a £55 annual subscription charge, paid by users of
the service.
It is our belief that it is important that we provide a consistent service for everyone and this project
will ensure that is the case. Naturally we need to seek people’s views as it affects so many people
across North Northamptonshire and the consultation aims to achieve this objective.
To implement a harmonised kerbside garden waste service, the Council has some key options and
considerations as follows:
• Determine which months of the year a kerbside collection service would operate.
• Establish whether a universal garden waste service would be provided to all residents without
an additional charge.
• To establish whether a subscription-based garden waste service would be provided to
residents who wish to subscribe to the service and pay a subscription charge.
• And, if a subscription charge was to be levied, the level of this charge.

You can have your say by completing the online questionnaire at

Comments can also be made by post at: North Northamptonshire Council, Garden Waste Collection
Service Consultation, Sheerness House, Meadow Road, Kettering, NN16 8TL.
This consultation will run until midnight on Sunday, 17 April. When the Executive decides on the
future service delivery (expected to be in July), they will also consider the implementation timeframe,
which could be as early as this autumn.