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Barnwell Parish Council


Financial information is regularly reported to the Parish Council throughout the year, and the Council has also been required to complete annual returns which are sent to an (independently chosen) external audit company. During this annual return process accounting information has always been open for public scrutiny on request.

The Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 now sets out a new audit framework for local public authorities whereby small authorities (this includes Barnwell Parish Council) will now be exempt from routine external audit. In place of this, small authorities will be subject to the new transparency requirements laid out in the act. This will enable local electors and ratepayers to access relevant information about authorities' accounts and governance.


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
all funds receipts and payments 2020 2021.pdf20 May 2021507kB
Asset Register and Insurance Register21_22.pdf20 May 2021395kB
bank_reconciliation_2020 21.pdf20 May 2021489kB
BWPC cert of exemption.pdf20 May 20211.17MB
BWPC internal audit report.pdf20 May 20211.2MB
BWPC section 1 2.pdf20 May 20212.3MB
Expenditure over 100.00.pdf20 May 2021428kB
explanation_of_reserves_2020 21.pdf20 May 2021424kB
explanation_of_varients_2020 21.pdf20 May 2021211kB
NCALC IA Report.pdf20 May 2021148kB
Notice of Public Rights.pdf07 June 2021214kB

2019 - 2020

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Assets Register.pdf20 May 2020378kB
Bank Reconciliation.pdf20 May 2020489kB
BWPC AGAR sec 1.pdf24 February 20211.09MB
BWPC AGAR sec 2.pdf24 February 20211.23MB
BWPC exempt cert.pdf24 February 20211.25MB
Explanation of Reserves Held.pdf20 May 2020424kB
Explanation of Variances.pdf20 May 2020212kB
Income and Expenditure.pdf20 May 2020485kB
Internal Audit Report.pdf20 May 20201.11MB
Items of Expenditure over 100 Pounds.pdf20 May 2020440kB
Notice of Public Rights.pdf10 June 2020213kB

2018 - 2019

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
asset register march 2019.pdf08 June 2019370kB
bwpc agar 2019.pdf08 June 20196.92MB
explanation of variances 2018 19.pdf08 June 2019213kB
internal audit report barnwell 31.3.19.pdf08 June 2019108kB
notice of public rights.pdf08 June 2019213kB
receipts and payments 2018 2019.pdf08 June 2019472kB
summary of rights.pdf08 June 2019221kB

2017 - 2018

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
agar part 3.pdf16 May 20186.95MB
asset register_update 18.0517.pdf16 May 2018108kB
bank_reconciliation_2017 18_0 1.pdf16 May 2018191kB
explanation_of_variances_2017 18.pdf16 May 2018112kB
ia report barnwell.pdf16 May 201899kB
laa a summary of your rights.pdf16 May 20182.09MB
nh0016 s3.pdf17 April 2019298kB
public rights.pdf16 May 2018827kB
receipts and payments 2017 2018.pdf16 May 2018439kB

2016 - 2017

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
account statement.pdf06 June 2017833kB
asset register_update 03.05.16.pdf06 June 2017108kB
bank reconciliation mar 31st 2017.pdf06 June 2017331kB
internal report.pdf06 June 20171.04MB
receipts and payments.pdf06 June 2017388kB
scanagv.pdf06 June 20171.07MB
scanaudit.pdf27 November 2017747kB
significant variances.pdf06 June 2017185kB

2015 - 2016

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
asset register_update 31.03.16.xls15 June 201636kB
barnwell ia report 31.3.16.pdf15 June 2016197kB
receipts and payments 2015 2016.pdf06 June 2016273kB
scan0043.pdf07 June 20164.42MB
significant variances.docx15 June 201614kB
year end march 2016 corrected version.xlsx15 June 201612kB

2014 - 2015

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
annual governance statement 2014 15.pdf12 July 20151.03MB
annual internal audit report 2014 15.pdf12 July 2015978kB
asset register 17th march 2015.pdf12 July 201566kB
bank reconciliation 2014 15.pdf12 July 20159kB
expenditure 2014 2015.pdf12 July 201538kB
explanation of variance 2014 15.pdf12 July 2015122kB
external auditor certificate and report 201415.pdf05 September 2015719kB
statement of accounts 2013 14.pdf12 July 2015898kB
statement of accounts 2014 15.pdf12 July 2015905kB