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Barnwell Parish Council


In line with the guidelines of the Transparency code for smaller authorities, draft minutes from all formal meetings will be published no later than one month after the meeting has taken place. Minutes are usually approved at the following meeting.


2022 - 2023

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Minutes_APM_May22_unapproved.pdf31 May 2022377kB
Minutes_PCM_May22 unapproved.pdf31 May 2022648kB

2021 - 2022

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
chairs report APM_21_05_18.pdf20 May 2021290kB
Minutes_APM_21_05_18.pdf20 May 2021288kB
Minutes_PCM_21_05 18.pdf20 May 2021666kB
Minutes_PCM_21_05_20 extra.pdf26 May 2021372kB
Minutes_PCM_21_07_21.pdf23 July 2021654kB
Minutes_PCM_21_08_14extra.pdf21 August 2021405kB
Minutes_PCM_21_09_21.pdf12 November 2021633kB
Minutes_PCM_21_11_16.pdf19 November 2021684kB
Minutes_PCM_22_01_18.pdf31 January 2022662kB
Minutes_PCM_March22.pdf28 March 2022643kB
Minutes_PCM_March22extra.pdf12 March 2022572kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
chairs report.pdf20 May 2020286kB
Minutes_09_PCM_Mar21..pdf19 March 2021659kB
Minutes_10_PCM_Mar21extra.pdf24 March 2021394kB
Minutes_02_PCM_May20.pdf21 April 2021633kB
Minutes_03_PCM_June20.pdf21 April 2021418kB
Minutes_04_PCM_July20.pdf21 April 2021642kB
Minutes_05_PCM_Sept20.pdf21 April 2021640kB
Minutes_06_PCM_Nov20.pdf21 April 2021650kB
Minutes_07_PCM_Dec20.pdf21 April 2021287kB
Minutes_08_PCM_Jan21.pdf21 April 2021672kB
Minutes_01_APM_May20.pdf21 April 2021289kB
Minutes_PCM_21_04 27extra.pdf20 May 2021281kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
parish meeting notice 2019.pdf14 May 2019102kB
agenda may 2019.pdf14 May 2019598kB
agenda july 2019.pdf08 July 2019597kB
agenda sept 2019.pdf11 September 2019597kB
agenda august extraordinary 2019.pdf11 September 2019179kB
agenda nov 2019.pdf12 November 2019601kB
agenda jan 2020.pdf13 January 2020603kB
agenda mar 2020.pdf11 March 2020597kB
agenda april extra 2020 draft.pdf22 April 2020603kB
parish meeting notice 2020.pdf12 May 2020512kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
meeting dates 2018.pdf18 March 2018372kB
minutes_eo_june18.pdf20 July 2018399kB
minutes_eo_may18.pdf20 July 2018325kB
minutes_pcm_may18.pdf20 July 2018660kB
minutes_pcm_july18.pdf25 September 2018636kB
minutes_pcm_nov18.pdf23 November 2018648kB
minutes_pcm_sept18.pdf23 November 2018663kB
minutes_pcm_jan19.pdf22 January 2019636kB
minutes_pcm_mar19.pdf25 March 2019651kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
minutes_pcm_may17.pdf19 May 2017576kB
minutes_apm_may17.pdf19 May 2017250kB
chairs report may 2017.pdf19 May 20172080kB
minutes_pcm_july17.pdf20 September 2017557kB
minutes_pcm_sept17.pdf27 November 2017546kB
minutes_pcm_nov17.pdf24 January 2018548kB
minutes_pcm_jan 18.pdf14 April 2018539kB
minutes_pcm_mar18.pdf17 May 2018570kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
apm minutes 17th may 2016.pdf20 May 2016286kB
minutes_pcm_july16.pdf15 August 2016458kB
minutes_pcm_may16.pdf15 August 2016437kB
minutes_pcm_sept16.pdf07 October 2016456kB
minutes_pcm_nov16.pdf18 January 2017441kB
minutes_pcm_jan17.pdf25 January 2017478kB
minutes_pcm_mar17.pdf29 March 2017573kB
minutes_pcm_nov17.pdf29 November 2017565kB